Nurses in A Boat, 47″ x 66″, inkjet on aluminum

blog 2 nurses in a boat w happiness 48 x 66

So what do I do if I have four series that I want to work on? Which one do I start with?

Well if you are me, you have an idea that is completely unrelated to these things and do that.

Unlike most of my pieces, this one did not begin with a clear idea. So the experiment that I felt moved to do, lead to this. I am calling it Nurses in a Boat. I still have some work to do, but it is almost finished.

Since this idea came to me, I have had several related ideas that seem to be speaking to me louder than anything I had planned to do. So it looks like some surreal times ahead.

47″ x 66″, inkjet on aluminum

2 Responses to Nurses in A Boat, 47″ x 66″, inkjet on aluminum
  1. Jean Reply

    LOVE this.  My mother is a nurse.  How much? Jean Sotos

    • darylthetford Reply

      Hi Jean. Just sent an e-mail with prices. Hope you are doing well.

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