Houston, Texas Commission Completed for 5444 Westheimer

5444 for Web

The 96″ x 60″ commission for 5444 Westheimer is complete and will be featured, along with 5 other pieces of mine in the lobby of this beautiful building ( located to far left in image )

My goals in creating this piece were to make the 5444 building prominent, include many of the significant buildings that define the area, and include the Galleria and some of its merchants. I brought in the flavor of the Westheimer/Galleria area by including the large silver rings that are installed over major intersections, the silver arches over some of the streets, some of the unique silver light poles, and the concrete balls that are on many corners.  These landmarks make for the area’s highly original signature. The open space intentionally left in front of the cityscape also reflects the open feel of the Westheimer/Galleria area.

Below is a guide to the cityscape.

The 5444 building is to the immediate left.  The traffic arm to the far right side has “5444” instead of a street name.  The traffic arm behind the ring has “Westheimer” on it, which will be more visible at full size.

Since I built the cityscape from scratch, obviously most buildings are not where they would naturally appear, but I have tried to keep some perspective of size, without sacrificing the visual appeal… meaning if I had to make a building or two out of perspective to keep from having a row of buildings all the same height, I chose visual appeal over accuracy.

The building to the far right is the AD Players Theater and the building immediately behind the theater center is the building that shares the same drive as 5444.  The Westin Oaks and the JW Marriott are just above the ring and the Galleria sign along with Tiffany’s and Dillard’s are down the street under the ring. Neiman Marcus is visible through the ring.

The Williams Tower is to the far right, and BHP Billiton building is to left of the Williams.  In front of and immediately beside the Williams are two buildings that are on Post Oak on each side of BHP, the Cosmopolitan and another building (whose name I don’t know).  Below the BHP is the DoubleTree and beside it is the Marathon Oil Tower.

Behind 5444 is the Four Leaf Towers, the BBVA Compass Building and below this is the Williams Waterway Sculpture.


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