Friday night with friends at the Whitney and Petite Abeille

Friday night with friends at the Whitney and Petite Abeille

Last night I dragged tired and somewhat reluctant friends and artists Genne Grushovenko and Beverly Hayden to catch the the train to go to the Whitney. The crowd ( we did not realize it was name your own admission price night ) was energetic and large. This combined with a couple of great exhibits and a couple of double espressos perked us right up

If you have seen my work you know I am a fan of color and graphics which meant that the newly opened Robert Indiana exhibit was a perfect way to spend a Friday night. The Hopper exhibit was the one that had us shoulder to shoulder with everyone in NY however. Hopper’s sketches gave us a great peek into some of his thoughts and process behind his paintings.

We topped this off with dinner and dessert at one of Genna and his wife Signe’s favorite places, Petite Abeille, a Belgian place on 17th street in Chelsea. The restaurant was intimate and attractive and the service was attentive and helpful taking time to offer thoughts and suggestions on everything from their extensive beer selection to dessert. I am no food critic, but everything we had from the appetizers to entree to dessert were excellent. One  final note. At no point did we feel hurried by the staff, despite the limited seating and our leisurely pace, something I can not say for some places in the same neighborhood.

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