Denver Skyline Series

DEnver Sky for Blog today
When the staff from Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver approached me about creating a poster for the top festival in the country, I was delighted. With an attendance of 350,000+, the arts festival features over 232 of the nation’s top visual artists, seven performance stages, and a volunteer program with over 1,000+ volunteers. Considered the nation’s top fine art festival, it is unparalleled in scope and organization.
The first two images were used for the posters and merchandise. (For the first time, the CCAF decided to print two different posters.)  The third and fourth images are other versions I created and are also available.
I created all of the images from photographs I took when in Denver a few years ago.  I photographed each building separately, then combined them to create a cityscape that, while not an exact replica of the beautiful Denver skyline, communicates the look and feel of  it.  
Below are the finished posters, the patron party and artist talk.
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