Barbara Kruger at Hirshhorn, “Yes, No, Maybe”and Kerry James Marshall at the National Gallery

Barbara Kruger Exhibit at Hirshhorn, Yes, No, Maybe exhibit and Kerr James Marshall at the National Gallery

After beginning with modest goals starting with the idea that I would just see the Kruger exhibit at the Hirshhorn, today, things quickly got out of control as I dropped by the Freer Gallery to see Asian art ,including Buddhas from everywhere and every time period. I knew how my day would go from here. Despite Eckhart, Pema and all other forms of Zen masters telling me that I am not my thoughts, I know and my thoughts know who is in control.

It was almost lunch, and with my thoughts/injunctions in place, I knew that i would need food in order to keep up the pace! preferably food and espresso. While there was no easy Espresso to come by, I did find one of the best chicken Philly Cheese sandwiches I have ever had from the New York Express truck in front of the National Gallery.

After this, I had no choice but to go into the National Gallery to see the Yes, No and Maybe exhibit; the religious icons exhibit and the Kerry James Marshall exhibit.

While the Marshall exhibit was the star of the show today, Yes, No and Maybe, subtitled “Artists Working at Crown Point Press” is also a must see if you have interest in printmaking or just the creative process.

I had never seen Marshall’s work in person. I had seen it in books and online and like a lot of art, especially art that is 12’+ wide and 8’tall, one has to see it in person to fully appreciate the quality and power of the work and the artist’s voice.

I can not believe it has been 10 years since I have been to Washington. It is apparent that I need to come back sooner next time

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