Asian Vegan in downtown Providence, Rhode Island

Asian Vegan in downtown Providence, Rhode Island

I am becoming aware that I am talking more about food than art recently, so after this post, back to my other obsessions of art and books which need at least equal time.

After leaving the very lovely Mystic, CT where we spent the previous evening we headed north to Providence, RI. for the day. After going to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum and of course their shop, we headed to the only logical place that we could for someone allergic to seafood ( me ) and someone who is a partial vegetarian and who does not eat any meat and dairy combination – my Kosher wife…and yes she does eat shellfish, but you will have to take that up with her,

When we saw a restaurant billed as vegan asian in a beautiful place downtown, we knew we had found the perfect stop. The waitress did not have to go through our regular interrogation about EXACTLY what is in the soup, the sauce, etc We had similar dishes which consisted of Korean-style coconut-rice bowl topped with veggie beef, avocado, seaweed, chick peas, spinach, mango salsa and kimchee, served with sesame and hot sauce

Everything about this restaurant, other than the name ( Veggie Fun ) was good. The food was excellent, the setting was beautiful and the service very attentive.

After this is was back to buying more books in my build up for the winter reading season. More on that soon.

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