loveland final image for web

Key to Loveland Mural Buildings

From left to right:
First National Bank
Overland Light, Heat & Power Company
Great Western Sugar Company Factory
Douty Mill, circa 1874
Loveland Farmer’s Mill and Elevator

Faces on Buildings

In urban areas, posters and old painted signs are common. In the Loveland mural, I “pasted” 3 faces on the sides of the buildings and weathered them  by layering multiple images of paint and text over and around them.

The people featured are key figures in the creation of Loveland. They are, from left to right:
David Barnes
Mariano Medina (also pictured sitting in front of the bank )
Sarah Barnes

Key Components in Mural 

I incorporated a number of elements based on the mission and services of the Loveland Development Center. They are, from left to right:

On each of the smoke stacks over Loveland Light, Heat and Power are
the words Historic Preservation and Building Services

Transportation Development 
is written vertically below Mr Barnes

Above the Image of Mr. Medina are these words:  Community
Partnership Office (affordable housing, human services grants,
homeless programs)

Above the image of Mrs Barnes are the words: Planning (design review
and approval of property development

Running vertically along the Loveland Farmers Elevator building are the
words: Transportation Development

Other Key Components in the Loveland Mural

The coordinates of Loveland are on the roof over Mr Barnes’ Image

There are random sections of the history of Loveland in windows of the
Loveland Sugar Factory as well at bottom of building

Included in Mr Medina’s image is the date he acquired land next to the
Big Thompson River (1858)

Included in Mrs Barnes’ image are the dates 1870 (date the Barnes
family purchased land in the Thompson Valley) and 1881, when
Loveland became incorporated

Under Mrs Barnes’ image is a partial history of First National Bank

Beginning at top of the Elevator Building is map of the Loveland region,
and just above the Elevator the important dates of 1858, 1870, 1881 and
1867 appear

Just to right of the Elevator Building is a Use Tax Chart, and to right and
top of the building is local map and the name William H. Loveland. Above
this in the sky is sample history and data about Loveland

In the sky is a map of Loveland itself and a map of Loveland in the
context of the western US. There is also a map of the Loveland area on
the mill wall and water tower

The left side of the sky contains a chart with a building materials budget
for the city. Under this are random sections of history including the name
William H. Loveland, the date of Loveland’s incorporation (1881), and a
mention of  Andrew Douty and the Mill, and David Barnes and his land

At the top of Loveland Light, Heat and Power is a partial description of
services provided by the Loveland Development Center. Under this is
mention of Mariano Medina and David Barnes. To right of this is Douty
and the date 1867 when he relocated the Mill there.