Houston, Texas Commission Completed for 5444 Westheimer

5444 for Web

The 96″ x 60″ commission for 5444 Westheimer is complete and will be featured, along with 5 other pieces of mine in the lobby of this beautiful building ( located to far left in image )

My goals in creating this piece were to make the 5444 building prominent, include many of the significant buildings that define the area, and include the Galleria and some of its merchants. I brought in the flavor of the Westheimer/Galleria area by including the large silver rings that are installed over major intersections, the silver arches over some of the streets, some of the unique silver light poles, and the concrete balls that are on many corners.  These landmarks make for the area’s highly original signature. The open space intentionally left in front of the cityscape also reflects the open feel of the Westheimer/Galleria area. Click Here for Full Image Description.


Denver Skyline Series

When the staff from Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver approached me about creating a poster for the top festival in the country, I was delighted. With an attendance of 350,000+, the arts festival features over 232 of the nation’s top visual artists, seven performance stages, and a volunteer program with over 1,000+ volunteers. Considered the nation’s top fine art festival, it is unparalleled in scope and organization.
The first two images were used for the posters and merchandise. (For the first time, the CCAF decided to print two different posters.)  
 I created all of the images from photographs I took when in Denver a few years ago.  I photographed each building separately, then combined them to create a cityscape that, while not an exact replica of the beautiful Denver skyline, communicates the look and feel of  it.  
Below are the finished posters, the patron party and artist talk.
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Understanding Contemporary Relationships ( music series )

a music today for blog

Understanding Contemporary Relationships ( series )

I stumbled across an article a few months ago discussing how a musical performance must function as a relationship if it is to be successful.  One must have his or her own voice, allow others to have their voices/voice and work with this tension to create harmony. This, in turn, creates music.

I thought it would be an interesting challenge to use music in visual images that can show tension, harmony, balance or imbalance.

The resulting pieces became part of the solo exhibit, Contemporary Narratives at The Arts Company in downtown Nashville.

These pieces consist of hundreds of photographs of people who I posed, mannequins, pianos and musical instruments that I photographed in different locations, weathered paint and paper as well as text and other things, places and items I photographed.


Contemporary Nashville


TAC Contemporary Nashville Mixed Media Cityscape with PlexiTAC Contemporary Nashville Cityscape red sky

(L) Contemporary Nashville, Silver Sky, 60″ x 60″, Mixed Media, $425

(R)  Contemporary Nashville, 48″ x 48″, inkjet on aluminum, $1850

This Nashville
ille piece is part of a larger series using music as a metaphor for relationship.

I stumbled across an article a few months ago discussing how a musical performance must function as arelationship if it is to be successful.  One must have his or her own voice, allow others to have their voices/voice and work with this tension to create harmony. This, in turn, creates music.

This specific piece obviously incorporates this theme.  Nashville’s has a long history with music so it is important to its  past and also important today.  This piece serves two roles, to honor the history and ongoing tradition of music in Nashville and as a reminder that as Nashville continues to grow and develop, it is working with all of the voices and allowing for this tension that will keep it in harmony.

This piece consists of hundreds of photographs.  I photographed the downtown Nashville skyline as well as a number of individual buildings to create the foundation of the piece.  I then added dozens of photographs of musical instruments, sheet music, text from various sources including the Tao and the Dow Jones stock market reports and photos of weathered paint and paper.

For the mixed media piece, I printed part of this image on clear acrylic, then bolted it to an aluminum composite  board that I had coated with handmade paper, paint and  molding paste.

The Juggler : A View of Contemporary Life

Juggler for WEBSITE

I continue to be drawn to a Juggler as an image, this being my third version.  This is not a conscious decision, at least to begin with, but I find that there is no better image to symbolize our contemporary lifestyle as someone with so much “in the air”.

In this piece, from left to right, he is juggling career or upward mobility, relationship, nation/news/politics, home, time, religion/spirituality and money.  He has more balls stacked on the ground beside him to add to the group he is juggling or to replace some should they be dropped or should he let something go.

Below the waiting stack is a partial obscured concept I encountered and photographed stenciled on a bathroom wall.  It says Free Yourself from Worry, Live Simply, Give More, Expect Less.

In the background is both English and Chinese versions of text from the Book of Five Fold Happiness, which is an exploration of happiness in relationships, prosperity, longevity, ( and two others I cant think of )

On his tie is images of computers, phones, tablets and other modern day work and communication devices.

Finally, he is standing in a circle which may suggest a mandala, an ancient symbol that suggests that we create the world we live in.  Surrounding this is writing from the Jungian Psychologist, James Hollis


1200 pix crossroads


120″ wide x 89″ tall.  Also available in other sizes.

There is no denying that “Walls” are powerful symbols with many possible intents and meanings. Crossroads is an exploration of walls as they speak to division and otherness.

In the movie Fences, the main character Troy Maxson, played by Denzel Washington, is building a physical fence in his yard. He is also, in his personal life, building a wall of anger, judgement…for full explanation click here.