Ryan Commission

Both, the Ryan staff and I wanted a lot of color in the piece.   I have used a lot of pink, orange, red, blue, etc using all of the colors in the Loveland commission piece.  The base is the light green official Ryan color.

I pulled multiple things from the Ryan Companies website to use in the piece.  I love a number of the headings/slogans such as WE Build Stories and Build Your story with us.  I used these along with the Ryan mission statement, the Ryan Lumber and Coal sign, the address and part of the map from the Ryan location in Tampa, the type of projects handled by Ryan such as Development, Architecture and Engineering, Construction, Hospitality, etc. Of course there are multiple shamrocks, the Ryan logo  and the Ryan history.

While none of this is spelled out, much of it can be found on the buildings and in the windows of the city

In the sky, I used the Ryan green.  There are some random things not associated directly with Ryan.  The only written items not Ryan are in top right corner.. Process of evolving… is from a Jungian psychologist quote, but I like it since it fits with a company like Ryan.  Also there is a tiny bit of a Marie Howe poem that is abstract since there are so few words left, but it is from a poem called What The Living Do in which she is essentially doing a meditation on living everyday life… sort of an appreciation of the little things too and finally a few stock market numbers.  I like to use them to convey the energy of a city.

Bottom right, Every Project Has a Story.  Just aloe this is Lumber Co.  Building to far left has map of Tampa building location along with address and part of statement from Ryan.  Short white building in front of this one has Ryan Lumber Co along with small statement about the lumber co.  White building beside it has all of the locations of Ryan offices. At top of this building is Ryan’s value statement… We believe the value of buildings we design, etc