Price List

Below you will find a general guide to my editions, sizes and prices. Because my images dictate the shape and size they should be, and depending on the year in which the pieces were created, there is some variance in edition sizes and cost. Please feel free to call or write me anytime with questions about specific pieces. See note below on commissions.

60” x 40” to 72” x 48”  range from an edition of 1 to an edition of 5. They range in price from $2450 to $3475.

54” x 36” to 62” x 38” the majority in this size are editions of 9, but can be as large as an edition of 12. These range in price from $1650-$1950.

30” x 20”  These can vary an inch or two in size, but will generally be this exact size.  These are $475.

180” x 120”  to 110” x 78” are all editions of 1 and are $9400-$15,000.

Commissions are priced on an individual basis.  They are more than the prices quoted for non-commission work.  On average I do not accept commissions under $6000, but this can vary depending on the request.