Corporate and Residential Collections



6′ x 9′ Commission Installed in Contemporary Seattle Area Home

15578519_1341218929243402_2610977782143829521_n 15401140_1341218925910069_2315389512988929377_n________________________________________________________________________________

Horse Finds Beautiful Home in Downtown San Francisco



Pink and Gold Horse, 38″ x 54″, 2015

7’8″ x 18′ Mural  City Administration Building, Loveland, CO


The mural was installed in June ( 2016) in the Loveland Development Center ( city administration building ) in downtown Loveland, Colorado.More about the project at this link… here ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Work in Lobby of Lincoln Property Company

lincoln properties 2Lincoln Property

Storm II, 48″ x 72″, 2015. Lobby of Lincoln Property in Fifth Third Bank, downtown Nashville, Tennessee ______________________________________________________________________________________

 The Challenge with Creation finds a Home in California


The Challenge of Creation, 72″ x 48″, edition of 5, 2016.    Indian Wells, California ( Palm Springs Area)

Houston Couple Commissions 6′ x 10′ Piece for their Home.

Todd and Michelle asked me to use my vertical Man with Parachute image to create a custom horizontal image for their living room ( pictured).  While this conversion did pose some challenges, they provided personal notes, letters, dates and photos that I could use to help fill it in the large space required for this transition.



ESa Commission Installed in New Downtown Nashville Offices

esa web 1 esa web 2






















This 48″ x 48″ piece commissioned by ESa is based on the view of Nashville from their conference room. To see and read more about it, click here ESa Commission           ___________________________________________________________________________

Thoughts of a Better Day at R-Computer, Concord, California

daryl thetford image a1copy

I am delighted to have Thoughts of Another Day in this beautiful corporate space in Concord, California.  Thanks to CEO, Ed Roth.


5 Pieces Selected by Metro Development Group in Tampa, Florida for Their Newly Remodeled Space

metro development

Thanks to John Ryan, Chief Executive Officer at Metro Development Group in Tampa, Florida and Alison West Brown, Artist Agent in Clearwater for this placement.  It is exciting to be a part of the MDG’s new beautifully remodeled offices.  click on link below to see the offices and art.


40″ x 66″ Commission for Scripps Networks, Knoxville, Tennessee

alr scripps
In 2014 Scripps Networks commissioned  Art Guitar for their corporate headquarters. Thanks to Mary Morris of Mary Morris Arts for the placement.


 Cityscape Finds Home at DMACC Urban Campus, Des Moines, Iowa


47″ x 66″ Red, Black and White Cityscape along with 48″ x 48″ ” Thoughts of a Better Day ( not shown )

in the conference room of the Provost at the DMACC Urban Campus in Des Moines, Iowa.

New Beginning, 54″ x 36″, shown above, is in lobby of Provost office at DMACC.

IMG_6139 2  _________________________________________________________________________________________________

SEH – Professional Firm of Architects, Engineers, Planners and Scientists buy piece for Denver office

alr seh
2013. 60″ x 48″ Red City w River in the SEH offices in Denver, Colorado.          _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Paramore Digital, Nashville, Tennessee

UntitledArt in hall by main conference room of Paramore Digital in Nashville, Tennessee ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Carlton Fields Jorden Burt Conference Room in Tampa, Florida

another one tampa


Man and Cello in Chicago residence

alr man and cello over fireplace chicago




Washington DC Residence



Art in Palm Desert, California residence

ferris wheel





Commission for Arts Company

TAC for commission page

Anne Brown, owner of The Arts Company, recently asked me to create a cityscape with The Arts Company and 5th Avenue in the context of the Nashville skyline. The 3 finished pieces are from left to right, 48″ x 60″ and 60″ x 60″ and 60″ x 60″


48″ x 72″ Commission for the Menard Financial Group, Houston, Texas

Menard-Financial-Group-Houston-Commission-1This commission consists  of multiple  photographs of letters, forms & documents from the Menard Group.  I combined these with the Bear and Bull which, along with no use of the color red, had been their only request.  The other images are from the early Houston Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, the Liberty Mutual Building, the Menard Logo which I worked into the skyline,  tiny cut out sections of words from the WSJ and NY TIMES &  and a number other photographs of weathered paint and paper. link to the Menard Financial Group


JACKSON National Life Insurance Co Buys Man in Chair and Trying Not to Try for Corporate Offices in Lansing, Michigan



47″ x 66″ Storm was chosen for Gusto’s Pizza’s  new West Des Moines

storm   47″ x 66″ Storm was chosen for Gusto’s Pizza’s  new West Des Moines location.  See it on location at Vannice Design website  or even better in person at Gusto’s.  link to description of the piece here         _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________