Contemporary Nashville


TAC Contemporary Nashville Mixed Media Cityscape with PlexiTAC Contemporary Nashville Cityscape red sky

(L) Contemporary Nashville, Silver Sky, 60″ x 60″, Mixed Media, $425

(R)  Contemporary Nashville, 48″ x 48″, inkjet on aluminum, $1850

This Nashville
ille piece is part of a larger series using music as a metaphor for relationship.

I stumbled across an article a few months ago discussing how a musical performance must function as arelationship if it is to be successful.  One must have his or her own voice, allow others to have their voices/voice and work with this tension to create harmony. This, in turn, creates music.

This specific piece obviously incorporates this theme.  Nashville’s has a long history with music so it is important to its  past and also important today.  This piece serves two roles, to honor the history and ongoing tradition of music in Nashville and as a reminder that as Nashville continues to grow and develop, it is working with all of the voices and allowing for this tension that will keep it in harmony.

This piece consists of hundreds of photographs.  I photographed the downtown Nashville skyline as well as a number of individual buildings to create the foundation of the piece.  I then added dozens of photographs of musical instruments, sheet music, text from various sources including the Tao and the Dow Jones stock market reports and photos of weathered paint and paper.

For the mixed media piece, I printed part of this image on clear acrylic, then bolted it to an aluminum composite  board that I had coated with handmade paper, paint and  molding paste.

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